Hamad Al Saab was born in 1972 and raised in Kuwait. Over the course of his education, he acquired a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems and International Organization Behaviour from Washington DC in 1999.

Hamad is a Pop Artist who enjoys presenting the Arab culture and history through his contemporary vision. His first exhibition was in Kuwait in 2006, collaborating with other artists, presenting the first collection of the Arab celebrities that lead him to the international art journey and relationship with many international art appreciators.

Al Saab is a creative consultant in publishing, creative media industry, events, and interior design consultation reflecting his creative approach and know how to be implemented in his private and commercial projects.


  • Intro to Pop Art-Astra, Kuwait 2007
  • Arab Celebrities(Music)- Cornich Gallery-Kuwait 2007
  • Madonna Night(Queen of Pop Becomes Queen of Pop Art)-Astra, Kuwait 2007
  • Reminiscing Kuwait-Marina Hotel-Kuwait 2007
  • Harmony Exhibitions-Sultan Gallery, Kuwait 2008
  • Legends of the Arab World Exhibition-Athr Gallery-Jeddah 2010
  • Reminiscing Kuwait (Part 2)-Sultan Gallery, Kuwait 2011
  • Arab Icons-Lahd Gallery, London 2011
  • Connect to Disconnect to Connect-Dar Al Funoon, Kuwait 2011
  • Scrapbook-Al Riwaq Art Space, Bahrain 2012
  • Fragments of memories – Grand Avenues – Kuwait 2012

Group Exhibition:

  • The opening of Tilal Gallery event-Kuwait 2010
  • Shubbak (Arab Contemporary Culture Festival) London 2011
  • MENASART Artfair-Beirul, Lebanon 2011
  • Artfair Participation(Contemporary Art)-Istanbul, Turkey 2011
  • Dar Al Funoon charity art exhibition for Bayt Abdullah Hospice
  • POD- Brought by the Art Salon at Contemporary Art Platform Kuwait- Sept. 2012
  • Tilal Gallery group exhibition – Kuwait 2013
  • POD – Brought by the Art Salon at Contemporary Art Platform Kuwait- 2013